An indie filmmaking team of kickass midlife women with stories to tell.

the crew

Maple sugar films is a group of female filmmakers. We are midlife creatives that continue to pursue our passion in film. Follow our journey as writers, directors, actors, and lovers of film.

Eliza Crosland

Eliza Crosland is an award winning independent film maker, writer and director. She’s a member of the Writers Guild Canada.

Jen Daniels

Jen Daniels is an accomplished, award nominated actor whose films have premiered at TIFF. She continues to work in television and has done a number of commercials.

Mary Lalonde

Mary Lalonde is an independent film maker, director and editor. Her work has screened in film festivals internationally to much acclaim.

If you’d like more information about us, contact us… please… pretty please (with sugar on top).

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