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Welcome to our blog about Middle Aged Woman Making Movies

Eliza’s POV:

Who’s behind Maple Sugar Films? Three middle aged, female, indie film makers who live outside of the major media centres. (How niche is that?!) But you know what? Now more than ever, we need women of all ages at the helm of film and television decision making. Barring some exceptions, I find women are more open minded to inclusive casting and hiring practices and have plenty of stories to share that are compelling to a wide audience. Additionally, middle aged women have spent decades accruing a diverse and practical skill set that comes in very handy with producing, directing and more.

In this blog we hope to inspire, mentor and be mentored by other middle aged women who are starting, switching to, or continuing on with creative careers at this point in their lives. Because let’s face it, on this journey, there are a lot of obstacles from ageism to sexism and all those nasty internalized beliefs about ourselves.

Also watch here for some interviews with other creative women, some loud opinions and a few anecdotes from the trenches of independent film making and other artistic careers. Now is the time to galvanize as middle aged women and female film makers to hear and believe each other’s stories; to celebrate each other’s triumphs and to support each other through the good and the bad. This blog promises exciting times ahead for all of us!

Links for Mentorships:

A good place to look for film making mentors in Canada is WIFT (Women in Film and Television) Toronto or WIFT Vancouver. There is a membership fee to belong but then they offer free mentorship programs. Other possible ways to find a mentor is to use the “MeetUp” app to find like minded creatives in your area. Often this is free to use. Another possible source is to see if you have an artist run media arts centre near you. In the Guelph area, there’s Ed Video (with a membership fee under $100) and they have programs to support and guide your career aspirations. Or use social media to start following a possible mentor who you’d like to work with eventually. Take the time to get to know them. And ideally, we can create a mentoring community online here with this blog.

About Eliza: With a degree in theatre from York University, I began my foray into film making when I moved to the Guelph area from Toronto with my common law partner and two young daughters in 1998. There, I joined Ed Video Media Arts Centre. I have a penchant for musicals and comedy. And even musical comedies. 🙂

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