Savvy Spinster

a comedy web series


Janie Jonze is the Savvy Spinster, a determined, DIY, socially awkward, 50 year old woman looking for love and meaning in a world where she doesn’t feel she entirely belongs.  Arising from the award winning short film, Mousey Spinster, this character returns bigger, bolder and more eager than ever to find her raison d’etre in the comedy web series: Savvy Spinster Does the Cinema (Season One) and now in Savvy Spinster Borderline (Season Two).

The Savvy Spinster character was created by Eliza Crosland, Jen Daniels, Mary Lalonde and Ed Mochrie.

season 1

Savvy Spinster Does the Cinema finds Janie running an independent movie theatre in hopes of meeting “Mr. Right”. Over the course of nine short episodes (each one a spoof/homage of a different film genre using actual lines from famous films) she discovers that there are worse endings than remaining single. Sometimes much worse.

season 2

After Janie’s epic fail at finding love in the cinema, she realizes there is more to life than landing a husband and strikes out on her own to find adventure instead. Which, of course, means making her own uniform and volunteering as a border guard to keep Canada safe from troublesome men.  Season Two, Savvy Spinster Borderline, reveals Janie’s officious side as we mash up two crossover episodes (with characters from other web series) and archival footage of Janie from a previously shot but never-before-seen short film woven into a new narrative. Join us if you dare as we dive deep into the spinsterverse. (Please see episode 1 with Yukata Cowboy and episode 2 with Pantsless Detective below).

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