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A young woman’s stroll through the woods proves that walking and texting can be just as dangerous as driving and texting. Or worse…

Eliza and Mary were creeped out (in a good way) while recording audio in the woods for writer/director Ryan Doyle.

night 13

Socks that continuously go missing and a growing collection of slimey evidence peaks a young woman’s curiosity about a mysterious creature that may be lurking in her backyard. Meanwhile, the effects of her nightly vigils enflame her boss.

Mary and Eliza had fun with art direction and set decoration for writer/director Ryan Doyle.


A fictional, dark comedy that follows Morgan Spurlock’s descent into madness as he strives to be taken seriously as a dramatic filmmaker nearly a decade after his hit documentary “Super Size Me”.

Eliza and Mary enjoyed their time not eating McDonald’s while mentoring writer/director Vince Masson and taking on the roles of production managers.


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