Grand Finale

pilot spec script


You only die once.

So why not make the most of it?

Grand Finale is an ensemble dramedy that revolves around Brayleigh Osgood, an event planner at the top of her game who risks her branded empire when she courts controversy creating lavish, personalized MAID (medical assistance in death) parties.

Brayleigh, the charming bulldog socialite, never intended to throw depressing end-of-life events but after her own teen daughter’s suicide, she tries to heal her grief by giving others a chance to celebrate and acknowledge their unique loved ones with dignity before the medically assisted euthanasia snuffs out any opportunity to say ‘good bye’ or get closure.

Despite push back from various anti-assisted suicide groups, Brayleigh gets more and more requests to plan death parties. She enlists the help of her remaining daughter, Chantal – who has never forgiven Brayleigh for her sister’s death; Lanskey, an indigenous biker turned master chef among others.

At its core, this is a hopeful show but it does grapple with the universal paradox – how do we both keep a loved one close and let go of them at the same time.

This is a timely show. Medically assisted deaths are becoming increasingly legalized around the world. The great disruptor generation – the boomers – are demanding more personalized services. We are in a time of transition where we need to re-imagine our rituals of death.

Audiences are looking for edgy yet meaningful stories. While our story delves into the controversy surrounding human euthanasia, it is also a show that finds the poignancy and humour that exists within our fear of death.

So don’t leave the most important party of your life to amateurs. Leave it to the professionals to plan your Grand Finale!

Pilot Script for Grand Finale:
Semifinalist: L.A. International Screenplay Awards, June 2021
Quarterfinalist: Final Draft Big Break Screenplay Competition, January 2022
Quarterfinalist: Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Jan 2022
Quarterfinalist: Emerging Screenwriter’s Contest, July 2021

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