Above: Bryan Thompson presenting Eliza Crosland and Mary Lalonde with the award for Best International Comedy at Miami Webfest.

A team of kickass midlife women with stories to tell.


Season One: Based on an award winning short film (The Mousey Spinster), Savvy Spinster Does the Cinema is a comedy web series about a middle-aged woman who works at an independent cinema to meet “Mr. Right”. She discovers that love never works out like it does in the movies and that some endings are much worse than being single. Each episode is a spoof/homage to a different film genre including: Rom Com, Silent Film, 1950’s “B” Sci Fi, French New Wave, Spy Thriller, Musical, Nature Documentary, Horror and Action Adventure.

Season 2, Official Selection of Sicily WebFest (2019)
Season 2, Winner Best Int’l Comedy, Miami WebFest (2018)
Season 1, Winner Best Directing, Miami WebFest (2015)

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